We pride ourselves with the work we do. Helping organizations and businesses attain greater heights by trying to fix their lapses in every aspects of such a business. We investigate trends and try to know how we can further improve the services of the said institution. We freelance and look into various channels to get the best out of any situation and propose or apply the solutions for the benefit and improvement of that business.  Here at Alexander Corporation, perfection is like an obsession to us, we try to find faults even in an almost perfect setting, so we can further bring the project to a more profitable and vibrant business.

Some of our services includes:

                      Company Re-branding:

Every company or organization needs an improvement at one point or the other. With the rise in the downward trend of the economy, and the global recession, most businesses needs innovation and fresh ideas to be on top of the competition. Sometimes, a business might require a change in order to re lunch itself and have a new feel and appeal to its customers, We offer complete Re-Branding of such.



We can help ease the burden of outsourcing for your needs, be it Clients, Staffs, Partners or new innovations that you might find difficult or hard to source for in order to improve your business. We take away that burden from you and you can be rest assured of getting the best you can ever get.



We can handle or come up with benefiting documentations for all you formal Agreements, Contract signings and also a beneficial Terms of Service drafting for all your official dealings with your clients or customers. Such documentations are aimed at just one thing, and that is: An all round and well researched Write-ups to keep you covered from litigations and other circumstances that may arise.

                                 Website Design:
We also design high quality websites for your business, this is a necessity as having a website exposes your services to the world which translates to potential sales. We shall also project your website with a Facebook Page so you can easily interact with clients on a social platform.


     "We see beyond the ordinary when it comes to business improvements. Under close scrutiny, we compare, assess and try to see beyond what that business needs in order to improve and live up to all expectations"

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                About Us:                 

Alexander Corporation is a collection of like minds that are young and vibrant. We share almost the same goals and perspective on issues of the general business world.
As a group of young individuals with our various goals and ambitions in life, we make do and take advantage of any situation we find ourselves in, with motivation to succeed, and kind of an obsession for perfection, we put in our all and try to trash out any challenge situations might throw at us.

Moreover, success doesn't come easy so we have to put in our best.

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We are located at:

Lexy-B Nig Ent
128 Idiroko Road, Sango Ota
Ogun State

Tel: +2348032311375 or +2348098808055

Some of our Clients include:

We did write the Contractual Agreement
for www.wickedcompanions.com and you
can verify by contacting them on the site.

We designed the website and also drafted out the Terms of Service for them. We also have been maintaining the site since 2010. www.naijasugarmummy.com

We designed and maintained the website of the school from 2009 to 2011. The website address is: www.otatotalacademy.org.ng